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We believe

The tracking must stop.

It’s wrong to track individual consumer behavior without permission. Consumers & regulators want advertisers to stop, and it’s time we listen.


Your advertising should be explainable.

In the court of consumer & regulator sentiment, complicated pieces of ad tech face an uphill battle. The best solutions for post-cookie advertising are simple, elegant and easy to explain.


Consumers will thank you.

Brands that choose to practice privacy-safe advertising can preserve and strengthen consumer trust.


Freedom from Cookie Dependence

Instantly unlock massive targeted reach without having to worry about compromising consumer privacy.

Cohort-based Campaign Planning

Deploy geography as a powerful currency for campaign targeting, optimization & lift measurement.

Consumer-Friendly Advertising

We believe in respecting the right to privacy and only build tools that protect consumer anonymity.


Read how our launch partner 3M increased their AD21-34 impressions by 22%

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With SugarFree we can layer sophisticated targeting across our publisher mix without sacrificing reach like we do with cookie-based solutions.

Chris LunaSr. Global Media Manager at 3M

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