3M x SugarFree 

3M x SugarFree 

3M x SugarFree 

3M x SugarFree 

3M x SugarFree 

3M x SugarFree 


Campaign Objective

3M came to SugarFree for help driving sales against Adults 21-34 for a product primarily sold at Walmart retail locations.

Previous Approach

3M previously ran primarily national campaigns across a handful of premium digital video publishers.

“With SugarFree, we can layer sophisticated targeting across our publisher mix without sacrificing reach like we do with cookie-based solutions.”

Chris LunaSr. Global Media Manager at 3M


Build a geo targeting plan that focuses delivery on ZIP codes with high concentrations of Adults 21-34 and the easiest access to Walmarts, such as urban areas, college towns and suburbs with young families.


3M used the SugarFree Geo Scenario Planner to compare different approaches for geo-targeting the US, from national to hyper-local and everywhere in between. They chose the targeting scenario with the best balance of accuracy & reach and activated its list of ZIP codes across their favorite premium media partners.


Accuracy Boost


The campaign geo footprint generated an estimated 22% increase in Adult 21-34 Impressions with delivery concentrated around Walmart retail locations.

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